After the big increase in chicken meat prices, citizens flocked to the bonito and anchovy looms sold for 10 TL.
Turkey hikes in the overall chicken meat, fish vendor was laughing face. Especially after the large price increase in chicken meat, citizens turned to fish stalls. Previously in terms of price and flavor of the chicken poultry meat in Kocaeli, which attracted great interest in the market over 20 TL, citizens who saw the fish, preferred. Citizens coming to the fish stalls instead of out of the way to the market, especially the ones falling to 10 TL and weighed to close to 1 kilogram weight of bonito.

Thanks to the fertility of the hunting season and the decrease in fish prices, the customer density in front of the fish stalls increased. In the case of fish in Kocaeli, citizens, bonito and anchovy became a frequent visit to the stalls. When the weight of the palamudun grains exceeding 1 kilogram and the weight of anchovies are sold for 10 pounds, the tuna fish that can reach up to 6 kilograms is found to be 50, and the chinplane buys 20 TL.