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Evolution Meat Chicken

by Ferhat

Chickens have evolved millions of years in 60 years! What’s wrong with chickens? In the 1950s, chickens were lighter than 1 kilo, and now weigh more than 4 kilos. 65 billion chickens are slaughtered every year in the world. So what’s wrong with the chickens? In the 1950s, chickens were lighter than 1 kilo, and […]

The benefits of egg shell membrane does not stop counting

by Ferhat

Medical plant specialist Yeliz Yaman, as a result of a study in the United States 500 mg egg shell membrane supplement daily, 10, 30 and 60 days, both joint pain and stiffness significantly reduced, indicating that the research 30 at the end of the day of treatment group, more than 70 percent of people in […]

Most of his head is cut off in 10 days.

by Ferhat

In Thailand, about 10 days ago, the chicken, which had been found to have lost most of its head, was reported to be still alive. It is estimated that most of the head was severed by an animal attack and was taken to special care at the veterinary clinic in the area. Supakadee said that […]

Salmonella egg crisis jumps to the United States

by Ferhat

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on April 13 that eggs from Rose Acre Farm facility in Hyde County, North Carolina could be contaminated with a salmonella form that could cause serious infection. The salmonella virus affects approximately 207 million eggs produced on a farm in North Carolina, the United States. Eggs were sold […]

Chicken prices increased, citizen turned to fish

by Ferhat

After the big increase in chicken meat prices, citizens flocked to the bonito and anchovy looms sold for 10 TL. Turkey hikes in the overall chicken meat, fish vendor was laughing face. Especially after the large price increase in chicken meat, citizens turned to fish stalls. Previously in terms of price and flavor of the […]

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