In Thailand, about 10 days ago, the chicken, which had been found to have lost most of its head, was reported to be still alive.
It is estimated that most of the head was severed by an animal attack and was taken to special care at the veterinary clinic in the area.
Supakadee said that the animal he thought was domesticated could act as a healthy chicken. The veterinarian, who reduces the risk of catching the chicken by using antibiotics, said that the animal has little chance of survival, but he will continue to do his best.
As long as he lives in the headless chicken, they’re looking for someone to look for, Supakadee said, “this chicken is a real warrior.” quoth.
According to Thai media, residents of the Mueang Ratchaburi region reported to the veterinarian that most of his head had been killed by a stray chicken.
The veterinarian Supakadee Arun Thong, who takes care of an animal that has no beak and can only move a part of its tongue, is feeding the chicken by placing the vow on the tongue.
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In 1945, in the United States, a chicken survived 18 months with its head cut off. Headless chicken in Utah owned the stage performance organizer Hope Wade and named it Mike.