The Appenzeller chicken is the Swiss National chicken breed.
The Appenzeller chickens are two varieties. It is a chicken named after the Appenzeller region of Switzerland and looked at in clusters as peculiar to that region. After being brought to America by a Swiss doctor, his reputation has increased and his distinctive features have been defined. It has v-comb. There are scales in males and females and hats in the head. Barthuhner (“bearded chicken”) is a rose-shaped comb and beards. Black, gold-wrapped and silver-plated color, there are mainly color variations. Generalities are shown in the ornamental chickens category and on egg yield
they’re pretty good. They can reach up to 150-200 per year.
The appeenzel chicken is called the ornamental chicken and its eggs have a long pointed white color. Chicken is a mild chicken; chickens weigh an average of 1,5-2 kg and their rooster weighs 3-3,5 kg. It is a kind of chicken that acts as a moving and when taken off the ground, it is observed that they fly between 3 and 5 meters. It is listed in the American standards list. The newly-known appenzeller chickens in Turkey have a fascinating attitude. In Turkey, he has played a leading role as Rize ornamental hens in spreading the Appenzeller hen.