All Information About Denizli Chicken / Rooster
Denizli Rooster, Denizli province specific, local Rooster race. Long and harmonious with the song is separated from other races. It is a self-generated race with the choice of long-spreading rooster for raising the local population.
It is claimed that the long euthanized Berat Rooster brought from Albania during the Ottoman period was formed in Denizli by mixing with native races. However, they are not similar in body structure, color and appearance. Extracted from the vicinity of Denizli M. 2. Rooster motifs are found in the inscriptions of the century. Denizli Roosters in the first year the length of the song is 20-25 SEC.
The eyes of the rooster with a live weight of 3-3 kg should be black. They are divided into three groups according to color, size and body structure.
There are six types according to their colors: Pamukkır, demirkır, al, black, kindred, furry.
According to body type: there are three types of high neck, earring, pheasant.
According to the status of IBIC: narrow IBIC, large IBIC species are found. Rose ibik type disappeared over time.
Rooster tones are divided into three; drum, thin, thick. According to the character of the crow; sad sound, clear sound, wavy sound, as the sound is divided into four. During the singing, according to the body shape; Wolf Crow, lion Crow, hoarse, such as the grading is done. The cut-off song type is called a liar song and is not acceptable.
Chicken 2-2, 5 kg weight, egg yield is 90-130 PCs per year. Spawn 6. they start on the moon. Egg weight is 55-60 grams. Its feathers are usually black, and can be found in black, white, kırıllı colors on the necks. The legs are gray, the eyes are dark. Chicks are black at first. A month later, they shed their hair, 15 days after the hairless new hair begins to grow. The new feathers are black ones, the chicken, the Rooster.
Sea Rooster, whose reputation in Turkey is very widespread, is very demanding and can find buyers at high prices. Studies are continuing for the protection and reproduction of Denizli Rooster race.