Wyandotte was an American breed and chicken developed in the 1870s. He was chosen from the native Wyandot people in North America. Wyandotte is a dual-purpose race for brown eggs and yellow-skinned flesh. It is a popular bird and has many color variants. Originally known as the American Sebright.

Wyandotte was founded in the 1870s by four people in the United States: HM Doubleday, John Ray, L. Whittaker and Fred Houdlette. The first type was silver-plated in 1883, included in the American Standard of Excellence; She was taken to England at the same time. 311 The origin of the species is still a little mysterious, but the silver Hamburgs and the dark Brahms are considered important races in the first transitions to develop Wyandotte. Hamburg was used for rose comb for color cultivation and for Brahma. The genus was referred to as “Sebright Cochin” and “American Sebright” before the genus was admitted to the Standard of Excellence. The golden-laced Wyandotte gold ornate silver-laced hens breed produced by Hamburg and the partridge Cochin taps, the white Wyandotte was a sports silver laced and buff-lined variant with a silver-laced gate that arrived at the Buff Cochin stock. The black variant was both a silver-laced and gold-laced sport. Wyandotte is part of a golden-colored Indian Game, part of a chinchilla called Cochin, a type of golden-clad Hamburghs and “Winnebago”. Columbus passed by by chance the white Wyandottes banned by the Plymouth Rock birds;
Wyandotte was listed as “improvement” by American Animal Breeding in 2015; In 2016, it was no longer in danger and removed from the priority list. In Germany he can replace Haustierrassen on the Rote List of Gesellschaft zur Erhaltung und gefährdeter, listed on category IV, “warning”.

Silver spilled chick, three days old
Wyandotte is a very wide bird but compact and round. The weight range is variable but is 5½ to 8 pounds of beets, respectively, to despise the birds. The chest is deep, full and well rounded. A Wyandotte body was defined as having a medium length, but its width bearing this width along the back and tail. She has clean legs and quite close hair and has a large skull and rose comb. Skin and hips yellow, ear lobe