Preliminary Information
The Friesian chicken breed is a Dutch breed. Today, the Friesian chicken race is grown in many countries of the world. The appearance is adorned with many chicken breeds.
Friesian(Frisian) is based on the Netherlands with the oranges in front. Since trade and people were not discovered in the Netherlands in the old days, the spread and proliferation of their animals to Europe began to be quite late. Not only in chickens but also in other animals of the region (horse, cow, sheep, dog, etc.) Frisian (alacalı) caused the formation of the breed known as. Many chicken breeds have come to England, but we can’t say the same for Friesian chickens. According to sources in England, he started to mention his name towards the end of 1970.
Friesian rooster 1.5-2 kg between the chicken 1-1.They weigh between 5 kg. Since they are light, the hunting skills are highly developed. They often yell at Rooster and like to say he’s here. Campine, Lakenvelder, has structures similar to the light continental chicken species. Like these chickens, they have certain characteristics that make them separate. We can say that ibidis are distinctive characteristics of color and size. Friesian chickens make eggs between 180 and 200 per year. Egg color is white. The eggs are in the range of 50-65 GR. They can take a good anchovy by showing a good anchovy.