Preliminary Information

The friszle(curly) chicken feathers are curled in curly form, so it is a chicken breed that has its name in this way. For example, Fizan(Pando, Polonda) and Cochin(Kosin) chickens, if you need to give an example to many chicken races where blood linings of friszle chickens are seen. Although friszle(curly) chickens are considered a separate breed in European countries, they are not considered a chicken race in the United States.
Although friszle(curly) chickens are not exactly known where they came from in Asia, 18. As it has been seen intensively over hundreds of years, it has been seen that The Root comes from the Asian continent. Friszle(curly) chickens, which are very self-explanatory because of their feathers in Europe, were asked to have Friszle(curly) chickens in many chicken races by establishing blood ties.

We cannot say the same for all members of the race, although the genes that make Frizzle hens are not exactly dominant. Frizzle(Curly), and there are chicken feathers in the genes of the genes for Mendelian ratios to say for sure heterozigot at a rate of½, although the gene transfer rates to 50% for adult and heterozygous Frizzle(Curly) for chicken to 25% for normal hair 25% and we can say as a feather, spiral curly mixed. Friszle(curly) hens have axes. They don’t have feathers on their feet. Entente Européenne is defined as four colors according to the standards set by the Poultry Association. Friszle(curly) the colors accepted in the chickens are black(black), blue(blue), cuckoo(gray-white) and White(white). The Poultry Club of Great Britain has been limited to 3 colours and bands(dwarf). The Australian poultry standards recognize many variations of colors. For example, black(black), blue(blue), buff(yellow-brown), white(white), columbian(dark brown), red(red) and many recognized colors accepted.
Frizzle(curly) chickens today are fed for their visual. Egg color is white. There are 150-200 eggs per year. Chicks are developing fast. Despite its small structure, the rooster has a weight of 2-3 kg.