Preliminary information

After bringing Croad Langshan chickens to Germany, the German Langshan chicken species was developed. You can click here to find out more about Croad Langshan chickens, which are seen as the ancestor of many chicken species in the hall where many of their names are unknown. We can describe the German Langshan chickens as a chicken species with a high foot structure, a wide body and a strong structure. It has taken its place in many clusters in Europe to benefit from its visual and large eggs and meat. In the United States, the Bandam(dwarf) species has become quite popular, not the normal-sized species.
With the arrival of Croad Langshan chickens in 1969, the developers of Minorca and Plymouth Rock managed to uncover Germanic Langshan chickens from the hybridization of three chickens. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the development of Germanic Langshan hens was completed with three different colours.


It has a very long legs and a large structure. German Langshan Rooster can reach approximately 4 to 5 kg. Chicken rooks have a nice appearance with a more bulk and short slip structure compared to them. They are also likened to a wine glass with long legs and steep stance. There are axe bursts and hairless long legs. There are three different color variations of German Langshan chickens. These are 3 varieties of German Langshan in Black(Black), German Langshan in Blue(Blue), and German Langshan in White(White). The German Langshan hens complete their rapid development. Their eggs are cream-colored and very large. We can’t say they’re too active because of their huge structure. It is a kind of chicken known for its proximity to humans. Rize is not included in the set of ornamental chickens.