Preliminary Information

Hens in Hamburg, 17. it is a chicken race that lived in the Netherlands for hundreds of years and has survived to the present day. Hamburg in the UK and Australia with the name of Dutch Holland Hoen, also known as hamburger in German.
In 1845, the hens in Hamburg appeared in the UK at the London Zoo(London Zoo) and began to spread. Since standardization studies were not carried out in these years, they did not have many colors and characteristics. It was also known under the name of different names. For example, Redcap, Dutch Assendelftse Hoenders or Hamburg. After the establishment of certain characteristics and standards by the studies of chicken clubs, it has come to our day with the name of Hamburg. 1. In spite of the fact that it has reached the point of disappearance in World War II, the protection of the race has been achieved as a result of the studies carried out in England. Frank Baum is one of the most influential names in the development of the Hamburg hens. In 1880 he published a monthly magazine on the Hamburg hens. After this magazine, he collected all his articles in 1886 and published a book about the hens in Hamburg.

The Hamburg hens are medium-sized and lively hens. The hens in Hamburg have an average weight of 2-2,5 kilograms, while the hens in Hamburg have an average weight of 1,5-2 kilograms. There are roses that grow properly and extend towards the back. They have fine gray feet. In feathers, rings are 16 mm in rooster and 15 mm in chickens. There are approximately 11 colour variations of the Hamburg hens. The most common colors are: Hamburg silver Spangled, Hamburg Golden Spangled, Hamburg Golden Punjilled, Hamburg Citron Punjilled, Hamburg Silver Punjilled, Hamburg White, Hamburg black and Hamburg Citron Spangled. According to the American standard of Excellence, six colors were adopted. The hens in Hamburg also have bandages(dwarfs). The Hamburg hens complement their development very quickly. With good care, the annual egg yield has been recorded as 180-250 pieces. Although its eggs are small size, they weigh up to 50 grams. Their eggs have bright white color.