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Fizan Characteristics Of Houdan Chickens


Preliminary information In our country, the name houdan(Fizan) is not known much, but as the name of the Fizan has been quite mentioned. Origin is a species of chicken based on France. It is believed to be one of the oldest of these species. It is a breed of chicken that has managed to attract […]

Features Of Hamburg Hens


Preliminary Information Hens in Hamburg, 17. it is a chicken race that lived in the Netherlands for hundreds of years and has survived to the present day. Hamburg in the UK and Australia with the name of Dutch Holland Hoen, also known as hamburger in German. History In 1845, the hens in Hamburg appeared in […]

Features Of German Langshan Chickens


Preliminary information After bringing Croad Langshan chickens to Germany, the German Langshan chicken species was developed. You can click here to find out more about Croad Langshan chickens, which are seen as the ancestor of many chicken species in the hall where many of their names are unknown. We can describe the German Langshan chickens […]

Characteristics Of Frizzle(Curly) Chickens

Preliminary Information The friszle(curly) chicken feathers are curled in curly form, so it is a chicken breed that has its name in this way. For example, Fizan(Pando, Polonda) and Cochin(Kosin) chickens, if you need to give an example to many chicken races where blood linings of friszle chickens are seen. Although friszle(curly) chickens are considered […]

Characteristics Of Friesian(Frisian) Chickens

Preliminary Information The Friesian chicken breed is a Dutch breed. Today, the Friesian chicken race is grown in many countries of the world. The appearance is adorned with many chicken breeds. History Friesian(Frisian) is based on the Netherlands with the oranges in front. Since trade and people were not discovered in the Netherlands in the […]

Properties of faiyumi(feyium) chickens


Preliminary Information Faiyumi(feyium) chickens are a chicken species that is fed in the city of Faiyumi(feyium) and that is considered to be the homeland of the country. He took his name from the city he was in. History Faiyumi(feyium) chickens are a very old chicken race. During the reign of King Tutankhamen of Egypt, he […]

Characteristics Of Faverolles Chickens


Preliminary Information The Faverolles chickens are a chicken race of French origin. Egg yield is very good. Today, it is more interested in visual aspects. If you want to feed it because it’s a mild chicken, you can choose. History It’s a chicken named after a village in France. We can say that the Faverolles […]

Dutch Bantam Chicken Features


Preliminary Information Dutch Bandit hens show their name to the country. Dutch bantam chickens are basically a Dutch chicken. He goes into a group of miniature chickens. It is therefore easy to maintain and is very interested in the fact that it has many color variations. History Although Dutch bantam chickens have been seen in […]

Features Of Dorking Chickens


Preliminary Information Like any chicken breed, Dorking gets it from where chickens live in the name. The dorkings are the English chicken and are named after the Dorking town of Surrey, England. History Dorking chickens are considered one of the oldest known English chicken breeds. According to some sources, it is one of the 5-nail […]

Features Of Ayam Ketawa Chickens


He lived in the city of Sidenreng Rappang in Southern Sulawesi Indonesia and has come to our day. The most obvious features of Ayam Ketawa Rooster are the interesting shouting. They’re screaming like gargans screaming. This type of yelling can be seen as long as about a Denizli Rooster. He gave people the feeling that […]

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